Thanks for visiting my weblog everyone and that i wanted to introduce myself prior to I got began.    I have worked within the water niche for over Two decades and also have dealt with all different kinds of house filtration systems.  Nearly too long!  Also been in drinking water local authority or council for Ten years and I am the WQA member as well as NSF certified.    Along with years in the industry, I understand everything about water softeners and whole home filtration and I know about each and every brand in the market.  

I began this web site with the expectation of assisting others find the correct system without having to undergo all of the need for knowing if they got the right system or not.    Home theater system . have realized that the industry is filled with businesses trying to sell you every step of the way.     I'm just right here to teach just like you're here to learn.  That is all about it.   


I am only a retarded aged fart therefore make sure you me personally kind as well as consider this impartial information for which it's.    I hope to listen to all of your thoughts and I hope you men become familiar with a lot with me